Day 15: It’s Complicated


A easy brush off when you don’t want to explain something.

Having many parts that are organized in a way that may be difficult to understand.

Difficult to analyze, understand, or explain.

A better way of saying “Mind your fucking business and piss off! But also know I mind be available soon…”

A state of being when your emotions are a clusterfuck, so you avoid dealing with them, and just simply want to escape from the world surrounding you.

A rather condescending way of telling someone or being told by someone that you are too stupid to understand.

Anything threesome.

threesome in Oprtalj
April 29, 2022

6 thoughts on “Day 15: It’s Complicated

      1. So true! Gotta watch out for those pesky bummerfucks. They are the worst! At least clusterfucks at some point provide uncontrollable giggles while bummerfucks only provide uncontrollable sobbing and sniffling. Unless of course one digs uncontrollable sobbing and sniffling…. 😂😂😂

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