Day 7: Puddle


A small accumulation of liquid, usually water, on a surface. It can form either by pooling in a depression on the surface, or by surface tension upon a flat surface.

A puddle is generally shallow enough to walk through, and too small to traverse with a boat or raft. Small wildlife may be attracted to puddles.

However, do not be deceived into thinking that all puddles are shallow enough to walk through. If you are too careless to examine a puddle before merrily stepping or jumping into it, you just might find yourself not only swallowed whole by the puddle but also enter another dimension that will not necessarily be a welcoming one.

While not all alternative dimensions are unfriendly, in fact some are actually absolutely delightful and fun to explore, those that are hostile though… well, let’s just say that if you ever have a displeasure of entering one, you will be spewed out of it (after being chewed on mercilessly) in a form of no brand name pâté. There’s an upside though – despite being a no brand name pâté you will actually taste quite delicious.

So, pay attention to any puddle you encounter. Some are gateways to enchanting realms, others turn you into delicious (albeit no brand name) pâté. Most puddles though are just a small body of water that kids and adults (that don’t take themselves too seriously) enjoy dancing in!

Also, puddles can be mesmerizing windows to the sky…

Sun-bathing in a puddle, April 23 2022

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