Day 6: Flight


An act or process or instance of passing through the air. An ability to fly.

Usually wings or similar contraption of both biological or mechanical origin are needed to successfully complete a flight.

The lack of contraptions mentioned above can lead to an unsuccessful completion of a flight. Such flights fall into a special category called “temporal flight.”

Results of contraption-less/temporal flights executed by humans most commonly ends in faceplants or similar falls that may or may not end in an injury.

The leading causes of contraption-less flights executed by humans are tripping, and slipping. Most of the time such types of temporal flight are involuntary and will result in a storm of colorful curse words, sentences or paragraphs spewed out by a human in the aftermath of unsuccessfully executed temporal flight.

Also, observing a failed temporal flight can be hilarious beyond.

to each her own, 2021

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