a sky full of stars
this is the time
come with me now
I wanna get better

tonight you are perfect
I will never let you down
edge of a revolution
love never felt so good


Day 65 of 100 of an increasingly intense challenge that combines my love for music and my desire that some day I will write yet again. The poem above is a collage of song titles that topped the charts throughout the year 2014 when I lived a life as a Jittery Monkey.

My goal is to create one “collage poem” every day for 100 consecutive days. Once again so many songs brought out very particular memories. LA Kings winning their second Stanley Cup and I actually got to be there in Staples Center to witness it! Working with a lot of horror writers. Shooting promos and shorts dressed as a Jittery Monkey. Exploring deserts of California. Living life to the fullest. It was a great year. One of the best ones so far…

Horror Cupid, Los Angeles, 2014

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