give me all
your lovin’
never gonna
let you go

all night long
the heat goes on
how can I refuse
she’s a beauty


Day 66 of 100 of an increasingly tough challenge that combines my love for music and my desire that some day I will write yet again. The poem above is a collage of song titles that topped the charts throughout the year 1983 when I discovered the joys and pains of doing theater.

My goal is to create one “collage poem” every day for 100 consecutive days. I am quite pleased with myself for making an effort to write one such poem every day…

2 thoughts on “1983

    1. Thank you yet again. It’s been quite a trip dusting off memories that I have long forgotten and now some of them that are now as alive as they were mere moments after they happened I am trying to grind into oblivion once again. In general though, it’s been rewarding as fuck. 😉

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