“It’s so easy to be great nowadays, because everybody else is, most people are weak. This is a softened generation. So if you have any mental toughness, any ability, if you have any fraction of self discipline… the ability to not want to do it, but still do it… If you can get through to doing things that you hate to do on the other side is greatness.” (David Goggins)

`What is it with our society… We are creating weak individuals. Individuals that can’t handle anything going wrong in their life. As soon as something goes wrong… they are given a prescription. Not to FIX the problem, to MASK the problem.

How about giving strategies to strengthen the mind?

How about saying, ok, you’ve allowed your life to get to this point… now take responsibility… and dive deep into personal development. LEARN why you feel this way – not because of the event – the scientific facts about why you feel the way you do, and what you can do to strengthen it.

The moment they are challenged they crumble.

The moment they are critized – rather than take any of it on board, rather than prove any of those people wrong – they give up, they attempt to defend the crtisism with useless talk, but never with definitive action.

The moment things get hard they declare defeat “it must not be for me”… “It was their fault, if they didn’t do this or treat me like this, or say this” then I would have made it.

No. You’re just soft. You’re weak!

Tell yourself the truth.

Because until you do that. Until you look in the mirror and acknowledge that YOU are the problem, you’ll never be able to grow into the person that is capable of achieving all those things you want.
YOU are the problem. The ONLY problem. Your mindset is the problem. Your attitude is the problem. It is no one else’s fault! It’s yours!
If you want the good news: you are also the SOLUTION. You and only you. If you have character – That statement will change your life, if you have no character you’ll remain an average, complaining hater, like most other people.

You are your only problem and YOU are the only solution.

Sure, big things happen. Tragic loss, things which no one would deserve. I’m not talking about those things, I’m taking about the people who are one job loss away from a break down. One relationship break up away from depression. One argument ruins their entire week. Come on people… this is not how to live.

Even with the big stuff – if you have perspective – if you know who you are… if you really, REALLY appreciate everything you do have and BELIEVE everything is as it should be, all of those big things can be handled much better.

Knowing your loved one would want you to be happy and move on. Knowing that living in pain and holding on to resentment – is letting that person who did you wrong win – but letting go and LIVING your life, LOVING your life – that is you saying I WON! That is you saying I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO OWN ANY! ANY PIECE OF MY MIND AND SPIRIT.

That is true courage and mental strength.

And I’m not saying avoid pain. Pain, suffering, failures – they are all a part of EVERY single persons life. There’s varying levels of pain for sure, some suffer more than others, but we all suffer at some level.

Some choose, consciously or unconsciously, to live in that pain, and some DECIDE to move on. You deserve to move on.

Mental strength comes from those struggles, it is formed from pain, it is increased when you REFUSE to give up at times when most others would. It grows when you KEEP GOING when things seem impossible. It grows when you PUSH ONE MORE time past what you thought was your limit. It grows with consistency!

That is mental strength!

EXCUSES are for weak individuals. Individuals who have no heart. Take responsibility for where you are now, and COMMIT to do something, anything, whatever it takes to make sure your FUTURE is better.

You do have the choice. You can make excuses and stay where you are, or get worse. Or, you can take responsibility, take action, and get where you need to go, where you DESERVE to go.

What do you choose?

(Fearless motivation)

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