why is it that we so desperately want to please the most people who either take us for granted or worse even – reject us? why do we bend over backwards for people who walk over us and continuously hurt us? is it our ego that just can’t accept the fact that not everyone will like us? are we really that needy? are we that desperate and pathetic? the worst and very much tragic thing about this is that while we try to impress people who show no interest in us or what we do – we fail to see those around us who care and love us and are doing everything possible to attract our attention. so in a way we are doing the same to them: take them for grante or reject them in the same manner as we are rejected… perhaps the people we are trying to impress are trying to impress others who fail to see them because they are busy impressing someone else…
talk about madness.
hopefully this impressed you.

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