stop wishing

I wish I wouldn’t give up on my dreams so easily. I wish my life was different. I wish I had an impact that mattered. I wish my life would be more than just words. I wish I’d rise to the level where I’d be enough. To self. To matter. To self. I wish I’d stop wishing. To stop existing. To stop caring. I wish I’d trust myself when everyone else gives up. I wish I’d start doing. As all this wishing is happening I am hit by realisation. My last breaths are always just a few moments away. Cold chill washes over. You are dying, D. Fuck, you appear to be dead already. Just stop. Cut the ties you yourself created. Step out. No one matters more than you. Or him. Or her. They all matter. But first start with yourself. You matter, D. Life is fleeting and fragile. Life is special and magical but also insignificant. Stop wishing. Stop clinging. Start living. Do. Matter. To you.

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