across the sea. gliding. floating. sinking. I am a bird that spreads its wings as I am knocked off my feet into the sea. pulled under by a faint voice that calls my name. water feels like mercury as it swallows me whole. the time slows down. reflection of the sun tears the surface apart. I fly up and away. deeper towards the sky.
my voice booming. deep voice. singing. communicating with elements that surround me. elements that form and reform me continuously. I am a dolphin that soars among the clouds. sunlight pierces my eyes. tears start to form. they drop down below. raining. thundering. reshaping the sea. turning it into the vast mountain range that shapeshifts into elements that are life.
underwater, deeper I go. I am a magpie that swims freely among the fellow vertebrates. strong and proud. my lungs full of water. I plunge towards home.
barely alive I start to tear apart past moments. slowly as I grow weaker with every tear. painfully disintegrating former high hopes and dreams that I lived for for so long. for I want each tear to represent a step forward. I can’t give anymore. nothing is left that is worth lingering around for. except the ocean. the sky. the stars. the universe. love.

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