perpetual duel

I woke up with with a headache. My mind trying to crack my duality. It’s the duality within every human. To either achieve their potential or to stay within the boundaries of safe zone. Can’t really do both. Not at the same time. To risk more or to settle into ‘good enough’ mentality.Risk comes with amazing rewards where you touch your own temporal immortality. Be it by expanding your own limits, be it through creation that is fuelled by unrestricted flow from within, be it by becoming one with the nature, be it exploring and evolving with a fellow human being. The risk of course is to fail. To be showered with a disappointment. To be abandoned. The other route is safer. At least short term. Long term good enough tastes like a defeat. Regrets and what ifs slowly decimate you. At the same time the second choice guards you from the hectic rat race. Nevertheless, I fight against fading away. I fight against rotting in vain. I fight for expanding limitations. Mental. Physical. Carnal. Spiritual. Eternal. I fight. For you. Me. Life.

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