A few months ago a man died. He came home one day after laboring hard in the field. After wolfing down his lunch he excused himself from his family to steal a quick nap before his next job was to begin. A nap that never ended for he died in his sleep. A blood clot found a way to his heart and transformed him into slowly diminishing memories. This man was loved by the most. A loving father, an attentive husband, a caring son, a good hearted relative, a kind neighbor, a human that was deeply respected in his community, a man that laughed a lot, a man that made others laugh a lot too. Selfless in many ways. A good man some said at his funeral, an amazing man countered the others. Hundreds of mourners packed into a tiny cemetery raining endless tears all over the dry soil burnt by a long hot as hell summer. Wailings and pleadings to god to save this man’s soul and carry it straight into heaven. My eyes remained dry through it all. Instead they radiated silver fury. Attentive and present. Making sure his body is trapped underground forever. So he can never again wrap his shadow around another young innocent soul. Just like he did on that damned hot summer day decades ago…

2 thoughts on “beloved

    1. Very true, brother. Scars that at times are forgotten and then suddenly come crashing in at the worst of times or at times when life actually seems great…


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