Bitter sweet reality

Things like this for some reason give me hope. Sure, there are thousands of people in one place and that is not a good thing in current times, however, the effort to get together showcases that we as a species have a capacity to come together and do wonderful and amazing things. So… yeah we can suck dinosaur balls as a species but we can also come together and do wicked awesome things too! In a whole new age we crash landed in I more than ever before chose to focus on the good and the light. Darkness will always lurk around and sometimes attempt to completely engulf but as long as my heart beat I will not let the light die!
Right now I’m lying on what I can call a kind of a bed of nails. Feeling thousands of spikes holding my body up. Pricking but not spiking through the skin. A certain calm descends upon me as the pain goes away and for a few beautiful moments I am one with the micro world that created that experience, that song… and as I do a certainty wraps around me that in the end we will be ok. Sure there will be pain and suffering but we are too fucking amazing to let that stop us!
While this was written in haste I just wanted to share my immediate now. Because I find this moment right now fucking beautiful and such beauty should be shared. Always. Love.

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