hey you!

hey you! this is your moment! not tonight! not tomorrow! not next week! not next month! not next year! it’s now! any change you wish to make in your life – the moment for it is now!


it’s both hilarious and sad how many times I’ve said this to myself. both internally and externally. the moment is now! always now! fuck waiting for the right moment. it is now or perhaps never. the possibility of never increases every time you push back the “now” moment. It grows exponentially… So why is it that I so many times push the now moment back instead of just grabbing it? Fear of failure? Not believing in self? Or nor believing self when I whisper the words? Why is it that I diminish self in such a way? Is it even important to answer this? Is this just another way to distract self from grabbing the now moment and just run with it? ugh! fucking noise and voices in my head are all pulling me in the right directions and yet I fail to make the first step! fuck off, Danijel!


my “now” tells me that my first step is to actually believe it! believe it!!! it’s possible! I’ve done it before even though it feels like those days happened a few lifetimes ago. See?! there I go with distractions again. the fucking king of chaos. fuck you!


this moment.





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