self talk 10:18am oct.31.2019

you are a failure that is not to be trusted. each step powered by wishful thinking. each moment a wicked augury of lifetime not worth to be part of. not even espresso can help you now. you allowed yourself to become less than a shadow. you are a leftover of bad breath that is fortunately dissolving into a bad memory. you are a loser. you are delusional. you are scum. never forget that. now go and spew your bullshit some more. fucking waste of time and space. oh look! espresso is showing some muscles after all. from hell to glory you go! time for new delusions! rise, rise, rise, you giant piece of toxic excrement, and be a freak on an imaginary leash. fortunately nobody cares. hahahaha.
no, not a victim. not a saint. just down with sickness.
manic laughter.

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