pretty sight

the amount
of bullshit
spewed by
the collective
called humans
is growing
beautifully I
care for
you your
future deeply
one day
you will
see how
everything I
did and do
to you was
the biggest
gift given
to you ever
it is just
that you
are too
stupid to
see the
sunshine in
the morning
feels cold
when compared
to good
intentions that
radiate from
telling it
as it is
let me
tell you
all the
you are
inadequate and
flawed I am
only saying it
because I wish
you well
it’s wonderful
to see
and experience
the parasites
as they corrupt
and pollute
whatever is left
of the good
in us
all they come
in disguise
tough love
is the name
of the game
because nothing
screams love
better than
an endless
vomit of hatred
fuck you
get fucked
fuck off
I say
these things
with true
affection because
I love you
it feels so
good to
hear it all
oh look
someone else
is getting
saved by
the collective

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