After a long time, after wandering through the mist of distrust, distrust in self, in choices I make, my instinct that is fucked beyond repair, my judgement that is never to be trusted… finally a small win! Cut skin. Blood drawn. Wipeout due to my failing eyes. Nevertheless, I pushed through till the end. Another race completed. First one this year. Infusing me with hope… But can I trust it? Can I ever trust myself again? Not something I can answer today. Instead I will embrace this small win. Cherish the fact that I am still alive and kicking….

We rise, we grow

We walk and we stand tall

We never fall

As big as the sky

As far as the dawn

We walk

And we do not fall

We sleep, we dream

With no time in between

We never stop

Whistling our chant

In the heat of the night

We sing

The spirit is clean

From north and south

We come from east and west

Breathing as one

Living in fame

Or dying in flame

We laugh

Our mission is blessed

We fight for you

For freedom unforeseen

Thinking as one

Rolling along

To the beat of the drum

We march

The black cross machine

We stand alone

But soon the day will come

When freedom rings

We’ll meet again

Now eternally

And walk

Once more as one!

Laibach – Whistleblowers

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