take on us

not a day I am proud of. same goes for yesterday.

last week as well. past year. two. three. four. shhhh! just go and run free…

NO! don’t listen to that voice.


it’s a voice that deceives. or perhaps you shouldn’t listen to this voice! hahahahahahahahaha.

but enough about that. agreed. again encounters with people that are beyond fucked because…

greed and entitlement.

YES! not that we are not entitled too. you think so? yes! we are so fucking entitled and fucked up on a platitude of plains. I’m talking levels of fucked upness! you are wise my friend.

and you are fucked! hahahahahahahaha. did I tell you some people are of opinion that we are a narcissist? bullshit! we can only wish that to be true! right?! 

just imagine
how great it
would be if
we though
we were

better yet! what if we actually were amazing?!

OOOF! I see what you tried to do there! don’t listen to that voice! stay away!


it’s not a ramble at all. just a simple interaction. hahahahahaha.

oh boy! not us! we are fucking amazing! let’s show! YES!

fucking headache.




I’m not ready to seek help.
nor would I trust it.
trust is death.

long live trust!

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