Day 4: Impostor


A person who practices deception under an assumed character, identity, or name.

Usually you will find an abundance of impostors inside the entertainment industry world. It’s hard to find an individual that is not an impostor. In fact due to such an high number of impostors in said industry the person that is actually not an impostor just might be quickly labeled an impostor by actual impostors. Perhaps the non impostor is an actual impostor in a world of impostors on the basis of the non impostor being an anomaly.

For those that doubt the legitimacy of the above words, you really shouldn’t for I can speak about such individuals with great authority on the count of being one of them myself. Still am. Not a writer. Not an entertainer. Not a poet. I am an impostor. Not the non impostor impostor kind. An actual, bonafide one.

Also, some of the impostors are evil. Like really, really evil.

jittery monkeys, circa 2013

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