Day 2: Wilderness


An area of land that has not been used to grow crops or had towns and roads built on it, especially because it is difficult to live in as a result of its extremely cold or hot weather or bad earth.

Usually all kinds of creatures live inside the wilderness. Some creatures live in secrecy, others zoom in and out of the wilderness high up into the sky, a few come out only in daylight, the rest at night. Those that come out at night are known as nocturnal creatures.

Nocturnal creatures are a truly diverse bunch of misfits and scoundrels that may seem monstrous at first but make no mistake of vilifying them before getting to know them. If you do then they will tear you apart, eat whatever flesh you possess, and if you vilified up in a truly abhorring manner they just might play a game of football with your skull.

All of that can easily be avoided if you hug them the moment you meet them and compliment their sharp talons and saw like teeth. Of course do remember to bring a gift in a form of another human (it’s best the human you intend to sacrifice not know of the honor they’re about to become otherwise they just might not want to come). To show their immense gratitude, the nocturnal creature of the wilderness will share the gift with you in a form of a feast as they welcome you in their wilderness. Refusing to join the feast might end in you being added to the feast meal so you better come hungry.

Also, wilderness is absolutely breathtaking in the spring and autumn.

April 17, 2022

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