Silently he roared through the sky, painstakingly trying not to make any sound. He sang within for he never thought the abomination that was his voice should ever be heard by anyone. Then one day as he was soaring above the clouds a shiny reflection caught his attention. Quickly he descended to investigate. As he got closer he saw that the shine came from her hypnotizing eyes. An enchanting bird covered in blue and green feathers sang on a branch surrounded by hundreds of creatures who were all mesmerized by her beautiful voice. She filled them all with love. He was no exception. Suddenly his voice within was released and he sang out aloud. Quickly he discovered that his voice was what he always believed it to be – a ghastly tool for scaring other beings away. Every creature within sight hastily moved away. But not her. She soon joined in with her own song. Together they sang long into beyond. Such is a story of tone deaf bird that found love.

lovers in color, 2022

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