autumn love

I thought of all the things I didn’t do, of all the lost love, of all the fun missed, of all the life I corrupted and spoiled far into the future. I thought of it all until I found myself buried deep inside the endless sinking hole. Hopelessly failed specimen. Echoes of the crowds cheering above, crowds that seek constant crowds and their approvals, crowds that are nothing alone, crowds that attempt to destroy anything that is not their own, crowds that are afraid of any kind of ambitions…

Then I stumbled upon this magical symphony. I let it inside. Felt the rush of life that still can be and is. I started to rage against the murder of the light within. Attempting to resurrect myself, resurrect again and again, to escape the toxic grip of the darkness that is the future never lived. I may have died plenty times in this life. I may die again. I may never again go home. Still. I am. Now. Existing. Clenching my teeth. Tightening my grip. In this netherworld of my making. Seeking the light.

Feral and unforgiving.

Thomas Bergersen – Autumn Love

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