can’t get it out of my head
only yesterday
my eyes adored you
only you

one of these nights
before the next teardrop falls
some kind of wonderful
lovin’ you

Since I am severely struggling with writing pretty much anything for quite some time now, I decided to embark on a fun filled journey through music. The poem above is a collage of song titles that ruled the charts throughout the year I was born in – 1975.
My most probably overambitious goal is to create one every day for next 100 days. I’m actually excited to do it for it will give me a chance to take a trip through music of the past century or so. Who knows, maybe, just maybe I will manage to revive my inspiration to start writing again… Fingers crossed!

6 thoughts on “1975

  1. I was born in 1975 as well, an adventurous journey that can only ignite passion from the passion sought in the fire stoked by others..

    My design may be different, but my core mirrors the same my friend.

    My addition to your journey…

    Death on two legs,
    Walking in rhythm,

    Saturday night,
    Welcome to my nightmare..

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    1. 1975 was a year unlike any other. Who knows, we just may have been dropped from a nightmare version of Neal Stephenson’s metaverse or perhaps death herself and have since been roaming a scorching desert that many call Earth…


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