basket case
I stay away
far behind
no one to run with

selling the drama
gotta get away
got me wrong
love is strong



Due to my severe struggle with writing for quite some time now (I know, I know, I suck prehistoric three-legged dinosaur left ball for bitching and moaning about this but this is what life is sometimes) I decided to embark on a fun filled journey that will combine writing and the one thing I can honestly say I can’t imagine life without – music. The poem above is a collage of rock song titles that ruled the charts throughout the year I was graduated high school – 1994.
My most probably overambitious goal is to create one every day for next 100 days. I’m actually excited to do it for it will give me a chance to take a trip through music of the past century or so. Who knows, maybe, just maybe I will manage to revive my inspiration to start writing again… Fingers triple crossed!

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