inner dialogue log 10:51am

no. no more coffee. but I want it. no, no more coffee. I want coffee. no coffee. yes coffee. no. yes please. no, no more coffee for you! YOU? who’s this YOU? you know who – you! no I don’t. we are the same being. ok then answer me this – who is this WE you are talking about it. what? no, first answer who YOU is? aha! you caught yourself and now you are trying to avoid the paradox by invoking technicalities. no, I’m not. yes, you are! stop saying YOU! there is no you within us. what?! there you go again with US! ah! no more coffee! that’s what I said a minute ago. no, I said it. no, I did. no more coffee. now I want it though because of all this talk about coffee. no. not getting any more coffee. yes, more coffee now. no. yes. no. oooh, what’s this breathing method thingy. I don’t know. it looks interesting. yes, it does. it so does. fuck yes it does. breathing is awesome. it’s so is. on a scale of awesomeness it is all the way on the top. breathing and coffee. no, no more coffee. just one more… please! OK. Then breathing. Oh oh or jumping into freezing water. fuck yes. WE are so awesome. no, YOU are awesome! all of US are! wait, what? who else is here? who’s that? do you want coffee?

ps. coffee was had. lots of it. because it’s awesome. no, you are awesome! no, YOU!

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