It is your choice what you give your energy to. It is your free will to choose. What are you choosing? What does your energy look like? What does it feel like? Your energy is flowing in directions weather you want it to or not. Your thoughts and your feelings direct your energy. Do you know what happens to your energy when you trust? When you trust that everything always works out for you. When you trust that you have a purpose in this world. When you trust that you have more than enough of everything. When you trust you are enough. When you trust that you are worthy of receiving and you have a lot to give. When you trust that there is more to you than what people see with their eyes. When you trust that you are a part of something bigger than you, something that is all knowing, all understanding and most of all loving. When you trust your energy relaxes, your cells relax, the tightness dissipates, the holding dissipates, the searching, the confusion, the disappointment relaxes. Your energy relaxes and flows more smoothly when you trust. Suddenly you feel more balanced. Suddenly you feel more worthy, you feel easier, happier, you feel more knowing and peaceful.
Can you feel it? Can you feel how this changes the energy within you?

(Fearless Soul)

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