I thought of all the things I had yet to do, of all the love, of all the fun, of all the life still ahead. I thought of it all until I found myself buried deep inside the endlessly sinking hole. Hopelessly failed loser. Echoes of the crowds cheering above, crowds that seek constant crowds and their approvals, crowds that are nothing alone, crowds that attempt to destroy anything that is not their own, crowds that are afraid of any kind of ambitions… I started to rage rage rage against the murder of the light. Attempting to reinvent myself, reinvent again and again, to escape the clutches of the darkness that is the future never lived. I may have died once again. I may never again go home. Still. I am. Now. Clenching my teeth. Tightening my grip. In the netherworld. Searching for the light. Feral and unforgiving.

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