sweetest salt

“In the whereabouts of a dream,
that will someday
Just like the state of smiling
I am going to spin it
To the sky that we sing”
Waggaki band’s “Akatsukino Ito” calmly echoes through my body, mind, soul… as I sit on a makeshift porch, built in front of a beautiful tent set miles away from civilization, while the sea breeze teaches tent’s side flaps how to fly. A tiny black ant battles through the thick hair of my left thigh, tickling me in the process. My lips touch a tin cup full of fresh coffee. Ah the smell of it makes my mouth water. Before I take a sip I inhale deeply… smells of salty sea air and dripping sap of surrounding Hvar island pines both mixed with absolutely exquisite smell of fresh coffee wash over me. For a moment I am lost in a sea of heightened realism. I can’t tell what is real and what is but a beautiful fantasy. It feels incredibly comfortable and it matters not when the moment will pass.
It’s this place. In the middle of nowhere. Right by the Adriatic sea. Surrounded by nothing but the sounds of crashing waves, relentless cicadas’s singing and light breeze as it makes its way through the pine trees. Early morning swimming in the deep light blue sea. Paddle boarding to a nearby island that knows no humans and appered to be untouched by one as well. I decided to leave it that way. Not before jumping into the sea and diving to the sea shells living at the sea bottom. I swear they all waved at me as I was hovering above them. Perhaps they tried to invite me to stay. Perhaps I would have if not for my lungs becoming heavy and burning as I ran out of air. I chose to live a little while more. And yes, this place is where sweetest magic lives.
“Beyond the faraway clouds
Cross the sea and cross the rainbow
To reach you…”

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