Old Fashioned in Budapest

Buda and Pest. I sit in a pretend speakeasy bar build in the basement of the ruins of a building that was once mighty but has since experienced destruction a few times as different fractions of humans fought for the bragging rights of owning a piece of land that held thousands of people and their dwellings. Blood runs in these ruins as does in my veins and people who occupy this small space with me. Bar maid brings me my Old Fashioned. Smoke still rises from its surface as she invites me to inhale the smoky smell and somewhat sweet aroma. Before I have a chance to say thank you she puts her right hand finger to my lips and leans closer. She whispers: “Can I request a tiny favor?” Slightly alarmed but at the same time curious I nod yes. She suddenly brings out a small bottle of sriracha sauce and again leans in whispering: “Can I lick this off of your face?” I reply: “Fuck it. Go for it.” She males a line of it across my cheek and just before she licks it looks to my left where an older couple is sitting. Insatiable gaze from both. Predators. Hungry. Rich. Bored. Suddenly I feel her tongue on my cheek. Hot. Moist. The tip lands close to my nose. Soon I can feel the whole tongue as it is slowly making its way to my ear. A mix of tingling and burning sensation washes over me. Instant arousal kicks in as her tongue wraps around my earlobe and sucks it in. Fuck. I’m fucking disarmed and naked. Primed for a kill. She whispers: “Earlobe was not part of the deal. I wanted it…” She leans back and looks at the elderly couple. Their faces are glued together. Trophy earned. The bar maid leans closer and whispers: “It was a dare. $100 if I do it. Half goes to you.” I whisper back: “It’s all yours. I did absolutely nothing.” She smiles and says: “$1,000 for a night of swinging?” I look at her and whisper: “We are worth at least $10,000!” She smiles, I smile, she licks my other cheek and leaves. Old Fashioned tastes perfect.

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