In memoriam: Into Happiness

Sun above. Ocean below. No land in sight. Just him and his paddle-board. Sounds of waves crashing into him. An occasional shriek from a curious sea-ghoul. He felt absolute happiness as he was hovering above the deep blue liquid universe. I life he screamed to clouds above. He must have been quite a sight to see for soon he attracted an infinite crowd of clouds who all competed for a better look of this tiny creature below. After a while the sky turned into a giant cloud that swallowed the sun and right after the whole ocean as well…


They found his body floating in the shallow waters of Istria. His face wore a peaceful expression. Such a crazy thing to do people whispered. He was always a bit reckless they said and now he paid the ultimate price.


His last wish? No speeches of any kind at his funeral. Just play this song he said. Play this song and smile for you are alive!

Phantogram – Into Happiness

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