In memoriam: Shine

On a day that was brighter than usual, he set off towards the lonely peak that towered above the gorgeous mountains he knew so well. He knew this day would be different the moment he opened his failing eyes early in the morning. His morning espresso tasted heavenly. With backpack topped with goodies needed for familiar undertaking he has tackled and conquered dozens of times before he quietly left the warmth of his home…

They found him on the rocks underneath a lonely peak. His body broken. Eyes open. He must have slipped they said. A handful few knew that he missed a step as he did many times before due to his blindness of the right eye. At least he died doing what he loved they said.

His last wish? No speeches of any kind at his funeral. Just play this song he said. Play this song and smile for you are alive!

Mondo Cozmo: Shine

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