“suffer the discipline now or suffer regret later.”

it’s never easy. never will be easy. nor will it get easier. it can get harder though. much much harder. there are sacrifices to be made. whatever the choice is it comes at a price. to gain betterment in the future I must at times sacrifice the now. if I choose to live just in the now I might be forfeiting the better future me. it’s not black or white. not at all. yet if looking for delicate balance between the two for too long the price I might pay is corrupting both the now and the future. either way it’s time to cut, to get better with a knife, to purge away distractions, to purge away dead ends. and to accept full responsibility for my actions. fucking choose and live with the consequences. fully. it is after all my life, my responsibility, my be. my be right now chooses suffering now. for a better me tomorrow. and the day after. and every day after…

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