the edge of the world

My mind is corrupt with noise. Body trembles as it senses everything that surrounds me. Physical and mental garbage that pollutes my existence. Our existence. We are nothing but an insignificant speck of dust screaming to be noticed among other insignificant specks of temporal existence. Closing my eyes. Choosing blindness that sees more than the naked eye. Sickened of the decay that eats away my soul. In need of pain to fulfil my purpose. To fulfil my existence. Slowly I start to shut out the outside world. Pushing away meaningless connections manufactured by centuries of conditioning. Nonsense of wholeness not being possible without significant other. Rhetoric that controls the masses. Pollutes the hearts. Weakens the spirit. Distracts and robs us of living the life. In the now. Opening internal eyes to see past the emotional cripplage. I push myself higher, away from the human destruction. To be reborn. To breathe. To open my dying eyes. To see. To fucking feel.



🎵Running at the edge of their world

And they’re criticising something they just can’t understand

Living on the edge of their town

And I won’t be

No, I won’t be

No, I won’t be shot down🎵

(Stiff Little Fingers)

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