weak individuals

These words resonate deeply within today. They speak to me. To me. To my weaknesses. I feel them. I meditate on them. Embrace them. To be able to evolve. To better. To be.

“What is it with our society… We are creating weak individuals. Individuals that can’t handle anything going wrong in their life. How about saying, ok, you’ve allowed your life to get to this point… now take responsibility… and dive deep into personal development. LEARN why you feel this way – not because of the event – the scientific facts about why you feel the way you do, and what you can do to strengthen it. Tell yourself the truth. Because until you do that. Until you look in the mirror and acknowledge that YOU are the problem, you’ll never be able to grow into the person that is capable of achieving all those things you want. YOU are the problem. The ONLY problem. Your mindset is the problem. Your attitude is the problem. It is no one else’s fault! It’s yours! If you want the good news: you are also the SOLUTION. You and only you. You are your only problem and YOU are the only solution. You do have the choice. You can make excuses and stay where you are, or get worse. Or, you can take responsibility, take action, and get where you need to go, where you DESERVE to go. What do you choose?”

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