Growing up I was always described as both silent and loud, calm and raging, sane and insane. Perhaps early signs of bipolar disorder? Interesting thing happened recently, my new shrink informed me that she is not really seeing my bipolar disorder. Instead she sees a somewhat disillusioned individual that perceives the world in a very much own way and is riddled with narcissistic as well as empathic tendencies. To be completely honest I disagree with this assessment since it’s based on two visits and stupid Rorschach test. Nevertheless I admit that there are times I feel like I am fucking king of the Universe… Anyways, returning back to me growing up. I was part of a street crew. Some call it a gang. I always saw it more as a group of individuals with incredible desire to engage in discussing anarchy way of life and engaging in occasional destruction of materialistic things. This morning as I was downing espresso number X Dropkick Murphys’ tune “The Boys Are Back” came on and suddenly all of my personas, all of mes where alive. Fucking loving the moment. Feeling that they are all coming back to life. All parts of me. Am I a narcissist? The fuck I know and honestly I don’t care. Just another fucking label. LIve and let live, people. Live and let live. And rock on!

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