bd diary. september 27

A better day today. At least the beginning of it. Though it started very gloomy. I stepped out on the balcony and looked at the sky packed with thick clouds the color of a dirty water splashed on a pristine white fabric. No sun in sight. Luckily before the low took over my body puled a shot of espresso. Went back to the balcony to slowly infuse the silky nectar of gods. Playing music. Angry music. Survival of the fittest. The metamorphosis from gloomy to angry bordering high happened quickly. It choose this day to be a god one. Fucking good one. To add to the high I pulled another shot and exercised. Grueling but so satisfying. My ankle that I so foolishly sprained a few days ago all better. The life flow within felt sincere. I can do this. Fuck regrets. Fuck fails. I am who I am. Today I am a fucking winner.

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