I imagine giant vultures pecking and hacking away till all is gone. then the worms and ants and other insects clean the bones. till they shine. just like the sun does as it pierces through my eyes. burning them. I feel the pain but also exhilaration. this is good. fuck, I love the sun. how could I not? It’s burning my vision away. so exciting. so close. closer even. soon, very soon… a different kind of darkness will prevail…

2 thoughts on “vultures

  1. I dive in the deep pools of your eye, in this lakeside lagoon of holy water, which purifies even the darkest of souls. I’ve never seen eyes like yours. It’s true. The sun shines out of them straight into me. A beautiful piece of writing, but those vultures will never take your sight. You see things too deeply for their surface plucking beaks.

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    1. They never will for they would have to get close enough without awaking the beast that resides within and is very protective of yours truly. Then there is also you and your beautiful words that empower and protect and in the most enchanting way put a protective spell over my sight, my gaze…

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