hi there so great to have a guest in here my soul is a cage surrounded by a fortress buried deep in the netherworld of my creation so no one can ever penetrate it yet here you are I trust you the guards obviously did for they let you in despite what you might have heard I don’t actually consume souls though I am considered an unwanted element due to my unpredictable shapeshifting nature that sometimes takes me to the edge leaving me there to hang half hoping I’d plunge down all the while wondering if I will even be missed though since you got all the way here I can perhaps reasonably assume you care enough for me to actually miss me if I ever soared away is this talk making you uncomfortable I will stop now tell me why are you here why would you go through such an ordeal just to be here perhaps now that you have seen this place you can leave calmly knowing nothing special awaits behind my walls after all just me and the love I feel for you

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