when even tears abandon you

they hit suddenly and with such a force that tears should start to flow naturally. they never do. not that remorse and regret care for the tears. the infamous twins that move beautifully with your shadow. awaiting patiently the moment when you forget and drop your guard. they live for that particular moment when you are exposed. when you are vulnerable. they swell into an epic storm instantly. drop down on you. hard and mercilessly. obliterate whatever hope there was. shatter the lights within. cast you into the deepest despair. batter you continuously until you are gone. numb. awaiting the tears of relief. they never arrive for you are already blind. eyes ripped apart by the arrogance of the past. you plead for the tears. hoping they will wash away your sins. hoping they will drown your soul. they never arrive. for they’ve been dry for ages. stolen that beautiful summer day.

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