day 155 . the unicorn, part III.

As another epic war within commences I can roar out this: I am back. I maybe a bipolar lunatic but it’s all I have and don’t even think you can cage me again, mother fuckers! And to be clear: I only blame myself for all the choices I made. I was no innocent passenger. Far from it! Owning my mistakes. Till beyond.
Oh… I am also coming out. I am a fucking unicorn. Deal with it!

3 thoughts on “day 155 . the unicorn, part III.

  1. A manifesto if I’ve ever read one! Powerful, grasp at who you are, for, you are who you want to be, in a world, full of others, you are the light of your own world, you are the centre of its being, throw your words at a wall, master all, for it is life, live, grow, be king!

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