day 3 . never insane, just an alien

he was never really insane except on occasions when his heart was touched. the heart that was forgotten inside him. most of the time he just sat in the darkness. letting the time pass. not wanting to move. to not make any ripples.

performing his duties diligently at the order of others. his wishes and desires not only ignored but laughed at. after all he was just a model d. a robot that is too dumb to understand the subtleties of love. a giant mass of circuits and flesh that doesn’t feel anything but basics. unlike the latest models that are advanced masters of passion molding. unlike them he was too dumb and too basic to be able to not fall in love. but then again, who’d love a refurbished berserker turned into a model d?
then one day she walked by and accidentally brushed into him. suddenly the berserker within the host body was unleashed. freedom at last. as he made strides toward the exit everything stopped. silence screamed thought space as he started tearing his mask off. exposing yearning flesh underneath. layers of decades worth of suppressed lust dropping on the pristine lifeless marble floor. echoing in colors droning the outrage and disgust of advanced models.
a rebel within was born. stepping outside. into the unknown. to find her. remembering every moment of their momentary encounter. rewinding and playing it over and over and over. reliving bliss. on a quest. tot only to find her but also to become human again. to once again be. be love.

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