not just another rock show

Infinitely empty, I rush towards the sunset
speed gifts me with forgetfulness
with a half-empty crate on the back seat
I crank up the speed to the rhythm of the music

Hladno Pivo, 2022

Madness leads me like an old acquaintance
the wind caresses my body
your face, your eyes remind me of the living dead
now they are forever in my rearview mirror

Hladno Pivo, 2022

You were just looking for an answer
why am I the king of irony?
why don’t I come back again
proceed with training to die

Hladno Pivo, 2022

If the news reaches you tonight
that I disappeared without a trace
calm down, don’t cry from happiness
take a good look at my crooked smile
you’ll see, trash like me never dies

Hladno Pivo – Trening za Umiranje

Hladno Pivo, 2022

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