Silence. The most potent of creatures. Two faced angel and demon. Harbinger of bliss. Spreader of hell.

Silence says more than a million words ever can. It can be either blissfully comforting or viscerally painful.

No words are ever needed when we share mesmerizing moments together. Our eyes locked on each other. Fingers intertwined. Touching. Smelling. Gazing. Tasting. Our hearts singing in sync. Felling nothing but pure love. Connected. Invincible. Such silences transport us to paradise.

And then there are times when no words are spoken for the anger and the sadness are too great to overcome and express. Hurt or pride forbid us to communicate. The longer the silence grows, the more the heart shrinks. Slowly drying out. Blood drains till it’s all gone. Heart turns to stone. Love to hate. Nothing is left to be said. Instead there’s just shattering silence. Leading us to hell. Into the end.

Enjoy the silence.

split, 2016

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