Day 19: Espresso


A type of strong black coffee made by forcing steam through ground coffee beans.

A strong coffee, or a cup of this, made by forcing hot water through crushed coffee beans and served without milk. Yeah, fuck milk! It has no place in espresso.

For the adrenaline seeking espresso enthusiasts a so called “express espresso” is recommended. If you choose this particular mouthwatering rendition of espresso then be prepared to for an adventurous feast that starts with a perfect amount of espresso shot into your mouth using specially designed (and perpetually in beta testing stage) miniature cannon. Extremely fast, extremely fun, extremely satisfying. People have or perhaps have not died as a result of trying express espresso. Even if someone did die – their death must have been absolutely glorious!

Once espresso enters you… it infuses you with the most majestic of feelings of joy glazed with bedazzling sense of cosmic rockdom topped by a perfect amount of wicked bliss. What follows is an epic empowerment of the royal doppelgänger mischievous twin that lives inside you to a point of her coming out just to scream ever so wholeheartedly: Carpe fucking diem!!!

Also, don’t forget that the world can not end as long as there’s espresso!

Hostile reminder: no fucking milk!

espresso myself in Beijing, 2017

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