weakness. showing emotions that manifest in nothing but rage. lunatic. feeling the way they pity. taste of blood replaced by disgust.

you need to be yourself they say. when I am they condemn me insane. when I’m not I am seen as dead. emotionless. go see a doctor. eat tranquilizing darts.

be courteous. even when fucked repeatedly. complain with a smile. respond courteously and in a civil manner.

don’t forget to be yourself. unless you are a lunatic. then you tear yourself apart. silently.

read a book on proper behavior. take a happy pill and smile. get a surgery if you still can’t. a nice permanent smile will put the world at ease. if you can’t afford it then let them paint it on your face.

always carry vaseline with you. it will hurt less. don’t forget to smile when you say no. better yet, do not speak at all. you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.

be a big boy and eat it. rage is for uncivilized. don’t you want to be free of it?

there, there… just take another happy pill. this one destroys your soul, desires, and individualism. doesn’t that feel better?

hardest part is to stay. to resist the call of the sizzling desert. it may be deadly yet it let’s you be… free…

proper paradise, 2012

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