sipping away

sipping on another cup of coffee
would that be 8th or 9th today?
hot liquid fills my mouth
runs down my throat
is instantly felt in my veins
time to plan another escape
would that be 269th or 270th?

sipping on another glass of scotch
would that be 5th or 6th tonight?
familiar tune plays on the radio
perfectly blends with the feels
imagining to be that kid again
the one that discovered the world
by running away from there and then

waking up from another blackout blur
would that be 65th or 66th in the year?
I look around and recognize my place
for a few moments I daydream of unbroken
better future interrupted by a beeping sound
fresh coffee brewed it’s time for another brainstorm

self-battling, 2021

4 thoughts on “sipping away

    1. So glad to hear you connected with it. This one came out of me, bursting with a very peculiar urgency. As if I wouldn’t have put it on a page it would soon become nothing more than another lost memory that wasn’t a memory to begin with… Thank you for taking the time to read it and respond as well.

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