face to face

I walked through the autumn forest. aimlessly I wandered through the dense fog that hung around the trees. the sky appeared to be grey, lifeless. perhaps it was guarded by the intense fog that grew thicker with each step I made.

out of the silver gloom, a wolf walked up to me. his eyes gleamed with fury. all his violence seconds from unleashing. a mighty howl brought forth thousands of tiny specs of saliva.

I stared back unblinkingly for fear was replaced by numbness some time ago. “tear me apart if it will bring you peace, precious beast. let me forget about a dying world – resentful for not knowing the days of joy anymore.”

the wolf stopped roaring – instead he growled. “my heart is darkened by infinite filthy lessons. I crave the end but don’t welcome it. I exist only for you, dear friend. let the fear in. fear is ok. fear means that you are still alive.”

the sun broke through the fog, wrapped me in golden light and melted away my numbness. alone in the forest I stood. cold. hungry. alive.

fade, 2021

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