I always knew this day would come. A day when my wondrous chihuahua Tachka would be gone. 15 years is a long time yet also not long enough.

I already miss her licks that took place in the middle of the night when she’d crawl up to my head and then furiously lick my bald head till she was sure that it would shine majestically as the sun hit it in the morning.

I already miss her growls whenever she’d feel I was about to interrupt her sleep or rest with my mischievousness.

I already miss her fearless spirit and forever loyalty that she so proudly exhibited whenever an unknown individual would come too close.

I already miss her spells of happy running all around the house or apartment whenever I’d return home.

I already miss her playful spirit that accompanied her whenever we’d adventure together through United States, Croatia, or Slovenia.

I already miss her puppy eyes that stared at me whenever I’d prepare food.

I already miss her warmth that I felt whenever she’d crawl under the blanket and found a spot between my legs to fall asleep in.

I already miss her touch that was necessary for her to actually fall asleep.

I already miss her unconditional love and oh so much more.

I know that your time has come, dearest Tachka, I know I promised to not shed tears of sorrow, yet… here I am dripping and drooling as I relive beautiful memories of adventures, bliss, and joy, we shared.

Thank you for being. Much love to you.


Tachka attack, October 2021

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