the sea brings out the best in me. her scent always intoxicates. her might always leaves me in awe. her strength is epic and humbling. her touch invigorates the soul, awakens the body. her embrace can be both wholesome and terrifying. I love her. I love spending time with her. swimming. diving. paddleboarding. playing. gliding. floating. she comforts when comfort is needed, strengthens whenever weakness is felt. perhaps I love her the most because of her ability to make me be in the moment. she challenges me. to be present. to be in the now. for she commands respect like not many other. to underestimate her means to play with death for her when she unleashes her anger and her muscles swell – life suddenly becomes fragile and a privilege. she is both complex and simple. she simply is. whether I am or not. still, she gives me comfort, gives me hope, and perhaps most importantly feeds my lust for life. she embodies memento mori. reminds me to live today not tomorrow. to simply be here and now!

lim channeling, 2021

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