this morning the sea was perhaps the most tranquil I have ever seen her to be. the surface looked like a glass that allowed me to peek deep inside her. underwater meadows and forests rocked gently as if swayed by the sea goddess just like I was. I stood on my vessel at times wanting to stop peddling for each stroke broke the surface and consequentially created thousands of shards that reflected the morning sun all around the immediate space. still, even though I continued to glide toward a distant island, I found each moment filled with calm. meditating on top of the Adriatic sea. it felt divine.

as my journey continued I noticed her change. soon the tranquil glass surface was replaced by tiny waves that slowly ran towards and past me. my vessel started to rock gently with each stroke of my paddle. the wind started to dance around me. I could no longer clearly see the bottom. whispering inside myself: nothing to be worried about.

the tiny island is getting closer and closer. I can see the midget trees swaying in the wind. waves crashing into jagged rocks. she appears to get angrier with every new stroke I make. I better hurry.

within minutes I reach the shore. the waves are getting wilder and wilder. I better find an opening on the beach that will allow me to touch the ground. with care I seek out an opening between razor sharp rocks and boulders. I can’t afford to crash into them for I could pierce my inflatable vessel that only an hour ago seemed like a firm sheep that could bring down navies. found it! a small opening where tiny white rocks seemed to have somehow split the dark jagged rocks apart. I manage to navigate onto the beach and quickly pull my sup on the rocks. I am safe.
she starts to roar. as if I angered her by getting away from her. I gaze at the wind storm that is creating large swells that mercilessly crash into this tiny island I found refuge on. for a few minutes I actually thought that she conspired with the wind to bring this island down with me on it.

in the end she didn’t. just as quickly as the wind got her all riled up she calmed down. the waves got smaller and smaller until they were gone.

I wait a little bit longer just to make sure she is not trying to trick me. the sun above starts to broil my skin. I strip naked and wade into her. my body is soon cooled down by her mesmerizing touch. I love swimming naked. it’s so incredibly liberating. suddenly I feel traces of the wind returning. time to get back. I put my shorts on and push away from the tiniest of islands I’ve “conquered” in the last few days. I whisper a few words of thank you to for offering me safety from her rage and begin my journey back.

after a few rows with my paddle I thank her as well. for bathing me in bliss. for allowing me to be free. to love.

liberated, 2021

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