goodnight sweetheart
when the moon
comes over the mountain
dream a little dream of me

I’m crazy ’bout my baby
you’re my everything
dancing in the dark
love is like that


Day 76 of 100 of a mesmerising challenge that combines my love for music and my desire that some day I will write yet again. The poem above is a collage of song titles that topped the charts throughout the year 1931. My awesome goal is to create one “collage poem” every day for 100 consecutive days.

Urbino, Italy, 2011

4 thoughts on “1931

    1. Hah. The moment captured in this photography took place a semi abandoned castle that lies hidden in the Apennine mountains that run through Marche region in Italy. I was producing a documentary about a life and an impact of an 89 year-old painter Joseph Blaustein. We followed him from Los Angeles to Italy. The photo was taken during one of the portrait painting sessions that took place during a week-long painters retreat that Joe was hosting. Allison, I kid you not but this man is quite possibly one of the most interesting man I ever met. He is an incredibly complex being that literally touched and sometimes even saved hundreds if not thousands of lives. Sadly he couldn’t save the life of the love of his life that he lost almost 4 decades ago. You should see his paintings! Some are actually dozen paintings in one for Joe will a lot of times just paint over an already existing painting and thus give it a new life. He taught me how to actually recognise and see the real beauty that goes way beyond what we are exposed to through a plethora of media these days. He even taught me to draw a stunning portrait of a nude act despite the fact that I didn’t have any prior knowledge or training. It was incredible. XXX

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      1. Fuuuuuuuucckkk I am so glad I asked you and I am beyond beyond grateful to you for taking the time to share all of this with me. Seriously I cannot believe how fascinating this all is. And you are. I feel so lucky to get to listen to your stories of life and art and vision. Do you have the portrait you drew? You are so damn inspiring. XXX

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      2. Haha. Thank you. Though I assure you that there is nothing inspiring about being a film producer. Especially of an indie film producer… It’s nevertheless very fun and you get to have crazy adventures and experiences. 😉
        Seriously though, it’s fun to unearth experiences that I sometimes completely forget that I’ve had. This one was amazing beyond. I will definitely look for that portrait. It’s not really crazy amazing (well maybe it is for me because I never thought I could draw anything more than stick figures that could barely rival if at all stick figures drawn by 5 year olds). Thank you for the most heartwarming words! They mean the world. ❤️


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